Maternity list




Diaper changing pads
Diaper rash ointment
4 waterproof pads for changing table
Rattles and small toys
Dirty diaper bags                                 
Dirty diaper bin                                                  
cotton squares
Wet wipes
Wipes warmer
2 packages newborn diapers
2 packages reusable diapers                           


    6 body suits
    6 rompers                                                                                         
    4 night suits
    4 vests/thermals
    6 pairs socks
    2 pairs soft booties
    2 pairs diaper leggings
    3 bibs
    2 sweaters (for winters)                    
    2 cotton caps/woolen caps
    2 pairs mittens
    6 nappies
    15 baby hangers


      Nursing pillow
      6 burp cloths
      6 bottles equipped with newborn nipples
      Bottle brush
      Bottle cleaning detergent
      Bottle steraliser
      Insulated bottle holder for diaper bag
      Nursing bras
      Nursing pads for bras
      Breast pump
      Nursing cream


        3 hooded towels
        2 packs of washcloths
        Cotton swabs                      
        Baby shampoo       
        Baby body wash
        Infant bathing tub
        Baby nail clipper
        Baby lotion
        Baby face cream
        baby Powder
        Soft brush and comb              
        Wet wipes
        Wiper warmer
        Digital thermometer
        Bulb nasal aspirator
        Mild soap for laundry


          4 receiving blankets                
          recieving swaddler
          2 cotton blankets
          Cradle or bassinet with cotton sheets
          2 crib mattress pads
          2 waterproof liners (one for the bassinet and one for the crib)
          Crib sheets
          Rye pillow
          U shape pillow


            Crib and mattress                   
            laundry hamper
            Baby Cupboard
            Storage boxes
            Diaper stacker
            Cot Mobile
            Baby monitor with 2 receivers                
            Changing table
            Cool mist humidifier or vaporizer
            Projector with music

              ON THE GO

              Rear-facing infant car seat with head support padding
              Stroller net
              Diaper bag
              Portable playpen
              Sling or soft front carrier                         


                Bouncy seat
                Baby books                                
                Soft toys
                baby gym                                                     
                Squishy baby ball


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