Chicco Classic Musical Moon (0m+)

Rs. 790.00
Type: Baby Toys

Wonderfully innocent and soothing, this Moon Musical Box from Chicco is just what every parent needs to lull their beautiful baby to sleep. Create a calm and peaceful environment around your child and let it create soothing dreams for your little baby.

Soft and Rounded Design

This classic item features a brand new soft and rounded design. It comes in the pleasing shape of a yellow crescent moon with a smile and sleepy eyes. It ensures no sharp edges that can hurt the baby.

Soothing Tune

There is a ring at the bottom of the moon, which has to be pulled so that a sweet melody can start to play. It can be attached to the crib so that your baby can easily hear the soothing tune and be lulled into a deep slumber.

Ideal for Newborns

Ideal for kids between the ages of zero and two years, this musical box is not only a great tool for parents to use to try and get their little one to sleep, but it is also a great way to introduce children to music, which can lead to better cognitive development.

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