Cradle Togs Baby Cotton Receiving Swaddler

Rs. 995.00


Baby Receiving Swaddler (0-3 Months). 100% Cotton. Ideal for babies weighing between 6 to 14 pounds or 0-3 months old. Innovative quilted design with back, neck, and head support. Includes removable cushion which can help prevent "flat head" syndrome. It can help reduce the risk of SIDS. Quilted back support for comfortable rest for baby. The unique design gives the baby a snug but comfortable fit. The cushioned design may help prevent "flat head" syndrome (plagiocephaly). It can help prevent "more" or "startle reflex" so the baby can sleep undisturbed. Removable crescent-shaped cushion insert provides optional extra cushioning. Research has proven that swaddling may help reduce the risk of SIDS by promoting better sleep for infants while they sleep on their backs. This Swaddler is better - here's why: One of the most common phrases you'll hear parents say as they hand a newborn to a loved one is "Protect the baby's head !!!". Swaddler is designed to address universal parenting concerns while dramatically improving on the basic design of traditional Swaddlers. We know that swaddling a baby will help keep her / him feeling secure. Your newborn needs proper head and neck support, and there is no other swaddle that will give your newborn the same level of support and security. The first quilted, foam-backed Swaddler to provide head, back, and neck support. It is washable. Endorsed by Pediatricians & Health Care Professionals. Easy diaper check panel.Adjustable, easy to use.Usable "arms in" or "arms out".May help prevent "flat head" syndrome. Gentle head + neck support.Quilted cushion, foam backing.Removable cushion insert.