JJovce Cosysleep Baby Sleeping Pillow Pad

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Product Description

Finally a unique product for all new parents struggling and worrying about their newborn while sleeping. Our Cosy sleep Pillow pad is a super soft, cozy, and ergonomically designed to help reassure your baby in the perfect positioning for a fantastic sleep. This keeps their neck, head and back in a close secure space and to prevent them from spilling over into any awkward or bad positions that disrupt their sleep. You can now rest assured both you and your baby have a better nights sleep!


100% Brand new and High quality A very comfy sleep positioner for a perfect support Back support and lifted legs to decrease the baby's reflux and colics Built-in headrest for a round head and memory foam an optimal comfort Very soft and breathable fabrics Made from a high quality polyester and organic cotton, this breathable material has a super soft and airy feel that will provide comfort and security to any newborn. Convex shaped design allows an ergonomic design for baby's to have the perfect neck and back sleep position. Soft edges on the pad surround the baby and leaves them in a close space that ensures a proper sleeping posture and are secure from moving as well. This dramatically provides an optimal environment for high sleep quality. Soft edges also can be removed if your baby grows up and don't need them any more . Built in head-pillow to keep the baby's head stable, protect their cervical vertebrae and prevent flat head syndrome. Very portable and can be taken anywhere Recommended and suitable for babies 0-12 months Great as a gift for baby and loved ones Comfortable mattress around the baby's edge, to protect the baby's back to normal sleep position Soft, breathable fabric for comfortable breathability Perfect position for baby. It keeps the back and legs raised Close space to reassure baby Comfortable soft breathable cotton sleep pad designed for newborn baby, provides baby a sound sleep environment and fits baby development Having boundaries that feel like mother's womb, feels contained and comforted Safe head back waist support, limits the risks of positional plagiocephaly Softly restricts the baby's motion, you can feel safe about your baby both during sleeping and during playtime​.

Material: Cotton

Use: Sleeping

Dimension: 55cm x 35cm x 8cm

Package Includes:

1 x Cosyspleep Sleeping Pillowpad for New Borns