Imported Pampers Baby Dry Size - 6 (32 Pcs ) (15+ Kg )

Rs. 1,840.00
Type: Baby Diapers



  •  All Around Stretchy Waistband, They go on with Just one pull, even when your baby is wriggling around.
  • Easy removable  Simply tear the sides and roll up the nappy pants!
  • 3 Absorbing Channels Help distribute wetness evenly throughout  the nappy 
  • Absorbent Micro Pearls An inner layers with absorbent micro-pearls to lock away wetness for up to 12 hours
  • Fast Dry - Layers Absorb the wetness and keep it away from baby"s skin 
  • Breathable 
  • Soft like cotton


    • Brand - Pampers
    • Size - Baby Dry Size 6
    • Type - Imported  Diapers
    • Wight - 15+ Kg 

    Items included in the Package:
    32 Pcs Pant style diapers

    Made in the United Kingdom