Johnson's Baby Cotton Balls 75 Balls

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Type: Baby Wipes
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Baby Cotton Balls is 100% pure cotton in round shaped balls. Ideal to use for multiple uses, these balls are made of premium quality cotton that is soft and delicate. The balls are especially for use on new-born babies and infants. Safe on all skin types; these balls stay intact and the thread does not loosen while using. Suitable for cosmetic use.

 Usage Directions:

  • Whenever required take out cotton balls and use it accordingly

 Side Effects and Precautions:

  • Flammable product and hence avoid contact with fire
  • Keep the plastic bag away from children, infants and pets to avoid suffocation
  • Composed of natural fibres and contains small pieces of cotton seeds, husk and stalk


  • 100% pure cotton

 Each pack contains: 75 X Johnson’s Baby Cotton Balls