Mee Mee Washable Cotton Maternity Breast Pads (2 Pieces)

Rs. 149.00
Type: Mother Needs


Just like your baby, you need special care too. With Mee Mee's Washable Cotton Maternity Breast Pads, you can keep clean, dry, and fresh all day long. Comfortable and economical, the nursing pads contain super-absorbent padding, which draws moisture away from the skin, prevents leakage, and also helps in preventing milk stains on the clothes. 

Key Features

  • Made of 100% soft & breathable cotton fabric
  • Easy to wash & use.
  • Anti- slip lace outer lining
  • Super-absorbent inner padding
  • Snug fit, comfy to wear with any brassiere
  • Keeps mother fresh through day & night
  • Prevents milk stains on clothing 
Brand - Mee Mee
Type - Maternity Breast Pads
Fabric - Cotton

Items included in the package
2 Mee Mee Washable Cotton Maternity Breast Pads