Nestle Cerelac Mixed Vegetables & Rice With Milk ( 7 Months )

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Description :

Cerelac Mixed Vegetable 400g contains the goodness of baby cereal and vegetables along with important nutrients. For mothers who wish to provide more nutrients to their babies other than breast milk, this pack is the right choice. This healthy food for babies is free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. This baby food offers all the important nutrients to the baby required for proper growth. Nestle is the world's largest food company. It is a respected name in the industry. This company offers more than 2000 brands, out of which Cerelac is a popular one.

The main ingredients used for making Cerelac Rice Mixed Vegetable are milk solids, rice flour, and sucrose. Other important ingredients include soyabean oil, rice crunchies, carrot crunchies, spinach crunchies, minerals, and vitamin.

Vitamin A µg RE 400 
Vitamin D µg 7 
Vitamin E mg 5
Vitamin K µg 35 
Vitamin C mg 66 
Thiamin[B1] mg 1 
Niacin mg 6.5 
Vitamin B6 mg 0.3 
Folic Acid µg 32 
Biotin µg 28 
Pantothenic acid mg 1.6 
Calcium mg 420 
Iron mg 9.5
Zinc mg 3.5 
Iodine µg 50

Preparation Instructions
1 Wash your hands before preparing baby's food. Make sure all utensils are clean.
2 Boil tap water. Allow cooling. Measure 75 ml of lukewarm water and...
3 Mix with 25 g of Cerelac
4 Stir until the cereal is smooth, check the temperature and serve immediately.
At the start of weaning use small quantities of Cerelac. As your baby grows, so will their appetite, and portions can be increased gradually to a suggested portion of 50 g per day.
Do not keep any unfinished portion

Nestle Cerelac Mixed Vegetables & Rice With Milk - 400g

Made in France