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Nuvita Baby Orthodontic Pacifier 0m+
Nuvita Baby Orthodontic Pacifier 0m+
Nuvita Baby Orthodontic Pacifier 0m+

Nuvita Baby Orthodontic Pacifier 0m+

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The pacifier on the baby has relaxing and soothing properties. Many experts encourage their use, especially during sleep. 
Responsible pacifier uses to promote growth and positive psychophysical development. Nuvita proposed a number of teats, which are adapted to children's age and his natural needs. Innovative shape and material of which it is made pacifier, walking hand in hand with the promotion of children's health and welfare of the baby.

Key Features

  • The orthodontic silicone pacifier is designed for the normal development of the child.
  • The body of the pacifier is composed of 55% of the air. Its light and reticulated structure allow almost complete aeration of the area around the mouth. This prevents the collection of saliva that can irritate baby skin.
  • The central part of the body pacifier in the dark lights, so it is not necessary to light shine upon when the baby pacifier ejected from the crib during sleep.
  • Its breathability also allows for better breathing.
  • A protective cap keeps pacifier clean and sterilizes it in the microwave oven can simply adding water.
  • Sucking reflex is present already in the fetus during pregnancy. After birth, the child is looking for breast and presence mothers to feed, calmed down and fell asleep.

Brand - Nuvita
Type - Orthodontic Pacifier 
Packing dimension  – 17 x 13 x 3 cm 
Material - Silicone
BPA Free - Yes
Age - 0 Months+

Items included In Package
2 Orthodontic Pacifiers

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