Pigeon Feeding Dish 6 month+

Rs. 229.00 Rs. 270.00

Product Description


If you are looking for a safe and quality feeding tray for your little toddler, you should opt for the new Pigeon Feeding Dish (White/Yellow). The Pigeon Feeding Dish is available in the soothing combination of white and yellow, which is sure to catch your little one’s eyes and draw him or her to the food.

The Pigeon Feeding Dish comes with a yellow lid, two different sized spoons and a fork. The fork has been carefully designed and the edges are well-rounded and blunt so that it doesn’t hurt the little wonder in the gums. The spoons and the fork are of the right size and can easily be accommodated in that small little pout of your bundle of joy. The feeding dish for babies is specially crafted with a non-slip surface at the bottom, which helps you to mash the food. The container has two separate sections. You can use one section for mashing food and the other for feeding. The smooth texture of the container allows you to mash the food perfectly and the spoon doesn’t slip against the surface. The yellow lid of the container protects the food from and insect infestation. The size of the container is convenient enough to feed your baby. Most of the ordinary containers available in the market contain Bisphenol A (BPA) which is unsafe for your baby’s health. The Pigeon Feeding Dish with lid is completely free of Bisphenol A. Hence, you can store your baby’s food for a long time in this container. The leakage proof lid of the feeding dish ensures portability. Whenever you are travelling with your little one, this container is more suitable to carry your baby’s food than any other ordinary containers.


  • Convenient size dish for feeding
  • Lid keeps products clean and hygienic
  • Non slip surface to grind food
  • BPA free
  • Country of Origin: Thailand