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Pigeon steam sterilizer : Compact Type
Pigeon steam sterilizer : Compact Type
Pigeon steam sterilizer : Compact Type
Pigeon steam sterilizer : Compact Type
Pigeon steam sterilizer : Compact Type
Pigeon steam sterilizer : Compact Type

Pigeon steam sterilizer : Compact Type

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Pigeon compact steam sterilizer offers you great convenience, in both household and travelling. It is light and can be dismantled for easy cleaning. The interchangeable compartments let's you customize it's size according to your needs. Using natural steam sterilization process, Pigeon compact steam sterilizer is proven to effectively kill harmful bacteria, protecting your baby's health. Finally you can breathe and relax with such versatility.


How to use:

  • Before sterilizing the bottles and accessories, they must be washed thoroughly with clean water

  • Carefully pour 50 ml water into the base of the heater to avoid spillage. It is important that you use the correct amount of water or else the cycle time may vary.

  • Place the 2 bottle chamber onto the heater and then place the bottles in it upside down

  • Place the accessory tray on top of the 2 bottle chamber, place the accessories in it and close the lid

  • Press the Power-On switch to start the sterilization cycle. 

  • It takes approximately 12 minutes to complete the sterilization cycle. The LED indicator remains on during the process of sterilization and the unit automatically switches off when the cycle ends.


Possible ways of use:

  • For sterilizing pacifiers and small items, you may attach only the accessory tray to the heating unit

  • You may attach only the bottle chamber to the heating unit for sterilizing breast pump parts, weaning accessories and other medium sized items

  • When sterilizing nursing bottles, place teat, hood and caps inside accessory tray and bottle inside the bottle chamber


Key Features:

  • Useful at home and perfect for travels

  • Slim and compact design takes up minimal space

  • Interchangeable compartments allows you to sterilize according to your needs

  • Fits 2 wide neck or slim neck bottles and accessories

  • Micro biologically tested to kill harmful bacteria

  • Swift 12 minutes sterilization cycle

  • Translucent accessory case allows view of sterilization contents even from a distance

  • Automatic switch off on cycle completion for added safety

  • Stainless steel heating element

  • Heat resistant safety handle


Note: To minimize water residue formation caused by condensation after each sterilization cycle, place all bottles and accessories facing down in the sterilizer. 12 minute sterilization cycle is based on 2 glass bottles with hoods, screw caps and nipples, using 50 ml water, at room temperature (25-27 degrees Celsius) and 45-50% humidity. Results may vary if the above conditions are changed.



Brand - Pigeon

Type - Steam sterilizer

Age - 3 to 12 Months

Sterilizer body material - Polypropylene

Heater material - Stainless steel

Heat resistance up to - 110 degrees Celsius

Dimensions - 17.2 x 10.1 x 34.5 cm


Warning: After the completion of sterilization cycle, do not remove the lid straight away. Allow the unit to cool down for 10 minutes. Keep out of children's reach as the unit contains boiling water. Do not immerse the unit in water.

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