Smartivity: Smartivity Eye Spy Periscope 6Y+

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Description: Using a periscope, you can actually see beyond an obstacle, for example, a wall. You just have to make sure that the top of periscope is above the edge of the obstacle. Here, we have designed an easy-to-make periscope that will enable you to look beyond obstacles.


Key Features:
  • All are "do it yourself" activities and this kit also includes a descriptive and illustrative instruction manual for understanding the assembling of different parts
  • This new way of learning to understand basic concepts of science through fun and games
  • The game focuses on enhancing creative intelligence, practical intelligence and analytical intelligence
  • The kit comes with different parts and coloring markers to decorate
  • There is a learner's log inside the kit which teaches the application of different science principles used in the game




Age - 6Y+
Material - Wood
Activity Type - Indoor
Content Inside - Child Safe Mirrors, Rubber Bands, Engineered Wood Components

Product Dimensions
Height- 30 cm,Length- 28 cm, Width- 8 cm
Weight- 848g
Manufactured in India